Don’t pretend the Republican party is being oppressed.

Terrorists Storm the US Capitol Building

Donald Trump pushed for the execution of A man who participated in a felony that ended in a murder carried out by his codefendent. A codefendent who did not receive a death sentence by the way.

But there’s no call to charge his violent insurectionists with felony murder.

No calls for their executions.

Donald Trump called for 5 innocent boys to be lynched without a trial for their alleged crimes. He suggested we should skip the trial.

No one is calling for extra judicial methods.

Donald Trump says we should murder the families of terrorists — and in fact appears to have targeted families.

Aren’t the Capitol rioters terrorists? Don’t they have families? That would be pretty barbaric right?

Donald Trump said
"When the looting starts, the shooting starts" gave a 5 day convention with speakers calling for the mass arrest and murder of black protestors.

Prior to this he encouraged police brutality against those suspected of crimes.

An armed insurection in our nation’s Capitol was carried out by a group of white supremacists- including the president.

People died, our government could have been destroyed.

We could have been destroyed.

By Republican logic we could be calling for vengeance.

We deserve vengeance.

We’re not, we are calling for justice.

We are calling for people to be forced into an early retirement, and for Republicans to switch parties and/ or shut up for a while while we make the world a better place. A better place even for the people calling for our murders and trying to destroy the country.
We are not calling for violence- that was y’all.
So skip the calls for unity and the fake oppression.

Just sit back and appreciate that as always you are getting off easy.

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